Private: OTC Experts – James Hall presents at the 2019 Consumer Healthcare Event on November 29th

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Are you selling OTC products? Need to understand how to do so whilst meeting the legislation? Listen to James Hall from OTCexperts at that the November 2019 Consumer Healthcare Marketing Event presenting 'Motivating Consumers Within the Rules of the [...]

OTCToolbox 2019 Consumer Marketing Event

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OTCExperts are excited to be presenting at the upcoming OTCToolbox consumer healthcare marketing event 2019. This two-day international event focuses exclusively on the interests of consumer healthcare/OTC marketeers. At the event we will be joined by highly-respected international speakers [...]

Pain Relief – the Pharmacists Friend?

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Headaches, aches and pains can affect us all, the following triggers may give special cause for Pharmacists to experience more in February 2019. Like all health care professionals’ pharmacists need to excel at plate spinning: balancing care for customers, [...]

Consultation for items not to be prescribed

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NHS England this week announced a further consultation on items which should not routinely be prescribed in primary care. This consultation will review and update guidance issued to CCGs in November 2017, see link. (Not to be confused with [...]

Innovating within regulatory boundaries

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Regulatory guidelines often seem like barriers and hurdles to overcome. It can be considered that these guidelines can be seen as a map and you need to navigate the carefully to achieve success. Our professionals at OTCexperts talk about [...]

Navigating your way to a successful switch

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Switching medicines is not for the faint hearted but can be achieved if you follow a clear pathway. Here James Hall and Harriet Scorer talk about how to achieve success, through reclassification of a legal category of a medicinal [...]

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