Food Supplements – as you age, manage the deficiency?

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Having just read an article on food supplements in the Which magazine – a classic easy to write piece about misleading combination products. It highlights that some combinations make legitimate health claims for one ingredient and provide more well [...]

Probiotics Networking Meeting 07 March 2019

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Jamie Christie from NutraSolve will form part of the line up for our networking event 0n 07 March 2019, at Biocity Nottingham. Nutrasolve offers help and advice to food supplement businesses both small and large, whether as a [...]

Probiotics Networking Meeting 07 March 2019

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Yes its only two weeks to go till our next free to attend networking event for food supplements. This meeting at Biocity Nottingham, will focus on probiotics or natural living bacteria. Whilst we will be able to listen [...]

Probiotics Networking Meeting 07 March 2019 – Nottingham

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We are very fortunate in the East Midlands with the calibre of our local higher education institutes. On 07 March we will welcome not one but two representatives from Nottingham Trent University. They will share [...]

Probiotic Networking Meeting 07 March 2019

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Probiotics are widely sold as foods and food supplements. Frustratingly they cannot be labelled as Prebiotics or Probiotics. Our next networking meeting is on 07 March 2019 in Nottingham, with Medilink EM. We will focus on all aspects of [...]

Is CBD oil now a Novel Food?

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The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has changed its view.  CBD food supplements should now be classed as a novel food rather than a food supplement. This might have an impact on the continued commercialisation of CBD as food [...]

What will be your Daily Dose of Glucosamine Sulphate in 2019?

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One for Santa’s wish list is a standard recommended daily amount for Glucosamine Sulphate. Whilst children of the land will wake to wishes coming true next week, the confusion for consumers about Glucosamine Sulphate is likely to rumble [...]

Food Standards Agency Report of Food Supplements

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This is an interesting report from the UK Food Standards Agency. They have commissioned in depth research into consumer attitudes and behaviours in relation to food supplements, with the aim to further our understanding of both mainstream and ‘niche’ food [...]

MedilinkEM Food Supplement Networking Group

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The MedilinkEM food supplement networking group, is based in Nottingham. Read our summary of the successful meeting held in Nottingham Biocity, 12 July 2018 on ‘How to sell a Food Supplement’. We hold 2-3 meetings a year, in collaboration [...]

How to make a food supplement – MedilinkEM April 2018

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Comments from attendees: “it has given me new opportunities to consider’ ‘made some interesting connections’ The first meeting of the Food Supplement Special Interest Group of 2018, focussed on how to make a food supplement, held in the Discovery [...]

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