Infotainment – feedback on the Hemp & CBD Expo

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As a professional with both medicines and food law experience, Cannabidiol/CBD is an area that continues to fascinate me. There are myths and facts aplenty, so it was inevitable that I would visit the Hemp & CBD Expo at [...]

FSA Explains Recent Changes Affecting Cannabidiol Products

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The EU Novel Food Catalogue recently changed affecting some cannabidiol (CBD) products. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) have just issued some new guidance about CBD. The area remains in flux with many EU countries determining how they should [...]

Is CBD oil now a Novel Food?

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The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has changed its view.  CBD food supplements should now be classed as a novel food rather than a food supplement. This might have an impact on the continued commercialisation of CBD as food [...]

Cannabis and Health Claims

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Cannabis Claims - Tread with Care? Cannabis/Cannabis sativa persists as a headline news item.  Cannabis oil, cannabinoid oil, hemp oil are terms used interchangeably and confusion prevails. The regulatory status and claims vary dependent on whether it’s a [...]

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