James Hall from OTCExperts will be presenting at the PLG/OTCToolbox conference 01 March 2019. OTCExperts will be on the morning panel talking about New Product Development. This session will cover the opportunity presented by Medical Devices. We will be focussing on the impact of the Medical Device Regulation on existing medical device product claims. We will talk about how to generate the data you will need for new medical device claims or how to make new claims. The change in regulation is in transition until 26 May 2020. With just over a year to go, are you just seeing what you want to see? Do you need to have a cold hard look at the gaps within your medical device technical file? Here at OTCExperts we can help you evaluate the data you have. We can advise on the data you need to be compliant after May 2020. A summary of our presentation will be available via OTCToolbox after the conference.