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Self care covers a spectrum of activities but central to it all is the individual. Self care can mean a person choosing to eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away, eating less meat, doing regular exercise or just brushing their teeth. Self care if often used in relation to OTC medicines, where people choose to manage their symptoms through self selection remedies.

Sometimes people feel that through diet choice or lifestyle that they are lacking in some nutrients and actively seek to supplement their diet with the aim of maintaining health and well being. This too is a self care choice.

Here at OTC Experts we know and understand the area in and around food supplements and OTC medicines. It may seem like a tangled maze but we can help unravel it.

Local pharmacies are ideally placed to support individuals with advice for the treatment of minor illnesses. Usually there is no need for an appointment, they stock a wide range of inexpensive treatments and many pharmacies are open long hours over seven days a week.

Self-care is extremely important to a person’s health and wellbeing as it makes sure individuals have control over their health, improving quality of life and improving disease outcomes.  Medicine for self-care is a central part of this approach, and many GP practices already encourage patients to take a personalised approach to keeping themselves healthy, including getting advice from the local Community Pharmacy.

Currently around 20% of GP time and 40% of their total consultations are used for these common minor conditions that could be treated without seeing a GP. Individuals that care for themselves have better health and reduced demand for services. This in turn allows more time for health professionals to see patients that require treatment for more complex conditions.

We all have a role to play to get the most out of the resources and services we have. Self care is a personal responsibility but one we can easily influence.

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