The EU Novel Food Catalogue recently changed affecting some cannabidiol (CBD) products. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) have just issued some new guidance about CBD. The area remains in flux with many EU countries determining how they should regulate this ingredient. OTCExperts visited the CBD and Hemp Expo (Birmingham 02-03 March 2019). It our view that this event will not have helped educate the consumer that changes, like spring, are in the air. Expect more on this.

The FSA state that it is your responsibility to know if the novel foods regulation applies to a product you want to sell.  If you are unsure of the status of your product, read more here.

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OTCExperts Insight on CBD oil Jan 2019.

In Jan 2019, the European Commission updated the Novel Food Catalogue. CBD food supplements should now be classed as a novel food rather than a food supplement.

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