Food Supplements – as you age, manage the deficiency?

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Having just read an article on food supplements in the Which magazine – a classic easy to write piece about misleading combination products. It highlights that some combinations make legitimate health claims for one ingredient and provide more well [...]

Medicinal Cannabis – Commons Select Committee

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In November 2018, the Government announced the rescheduling of medicinal cannabis from Schedule 1 to Schedule 2 of the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001. Medicinal cannabis can be prescribed by specialist doctors. In the first of its oral evidence sessions, the Health [...]

Infotainment – feedback on the Hemp & CBD Expo

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As a professional with both medicines and food law experience, Cannabidiol/CBD is an area that continues to fascinate me. There are myths and facts aplenty, so it was inevitable that I would visit the Hemp & CBD Expo at [...]

FSA Explains Recent Changes Affecting Cannabidiol Products

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The EU Novel Food Catalogue recently changed affecting some cannabidiol (CBD) products. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) have just issued some new guidance about CBD. The area remains in flux with many EU countries determining how they should [...]

Pain Relief – the Pharmacists Friend?

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Headaches, aches and pains can affect us all, the following triggers may give special cause for Pharmacists to experience more in February 2019. Like all health care professionals’ pharmacists need to excel at plate spinning: balancing care for customers, [...]

Medical Device Claims – 01 March 2019

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James Hall from OTCExperts will be presenting at the PLG/OTCToolbox conference 01 March 2019. OTCExperts will be on the morning panel talking about New Product Development. This session will cover the opportunity presented by Medical Devices. We will be [...]

Probiotics Networking Meeting 07 March 2019

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Jamie Christie from NutraSolve will form part of the line up for our networking event 0n 07 March 2019, at Biocity Nottingham. Nutrasolve offers help and advice to food supplement businesses both small and large, whether as a [...]

Probiotics Networking Meeting 07 March 2019

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Yes its only two weeks to go till our next free to attend networking event for food supplements. This meeting at Biocity Nottingham, will focus on probiotics or natural living bacteria. Whilst we will be able to listen [...]

Probiotics Networking Meeting 07 March 2019 – Nottingham

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We are very fortunate in the East Midlands with the calibre of our local higher education institutes. On 07 March we will welcome not one but two representatives from Nottingham Trent University. They will share [...]

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