Our company comprises highly skilled, experienced individuals with expertise in medicines, medical devices, borderline products, food supplements, pack and advertising claims development, and critical assessments of potential acquisitions to name but a few.

The founding partners all bring significant blue chip corporate experience, delivering in high performance, fast growth businesses, having developed hundreds of successful branded healthcare products around the world.

Clients can utilise all the resources that OTC experts has to offer or select specific elements, dependent on particular needs. Whatever the size of your project, we take your ideas and transform them into an implementable work stream.

Unlike many consultancies we are specialists not generalists, with extensive experience of the Healthcare industry. At OTCexperts the people you meet are the people who will work closely with you throughout your project.

Through our relationship with JensonR+ Limited, we can offer a range of UK and European based regulatory activities. These cover full Pharmacovigilance support and batch release of product. Further information can be found on the JensonR+ website.


  • Regulatory Strategy

  • Reclassification from POM to P to GSL

  • Medical and scientific Expert reports

  • Promotional claims support for all sectors

  • Food supplements

  • Medical Devices

  • Borderline product environment

  • Pack development

  • Claims

  • Problem solving

  • Input into brand acquisition

  • Due Diligence

OTCexperts are specialists in the field of advertising approval in accordance with the relevant codes and legislation and so have a very strong commercial knowledge and focus.

We help unravel problems and guide our clients through the development maze to ensure they have the support they need from regulatory agencies for their product.

The evolving regulatory climate calls for constant adaptation. Being dynamic we adapt to new changes in legislation, ways of working and so continue to support all our clients’ needs.

ABOUT OTCexperts

OTCexperts is a team of medical and regulatory healthcare experts. We offer a broad spectrum of bespoke solutions for companies needing support.


Our mission statement is more than just a statement; to us it’s a way of life. Our goal is to turn your ideas or hurdles into workable commercial solutions


Are you just curious and want to know about us or how we can help? No project is ever too small or too big. Just drop an email to us via this link and OTCexperts will look forward to starting a conversation with you.