Many of you will have seen that I have now added another job role to my LinkedIn portfolio. That of Regulatory Manager at Jenson R+ Limited. It may seem like a bolt out of the blue for some or like for me, a natural end to my 5 year internship working alongside this Nottinghamshire based regulatory consultancy. Since I chose, following another redundancy (two on target, 1 side stepped) to become a freelance consultant specialising in the weird world of borderline products, Jenson and others have provided me with a sounding board for some of my interpretations. We all know that great regulatory people are the ones who are not afraid to share an idea or thought, kick it round a bit, wordsmith it several times and then feel comfortable that the approach can be justified. Its a natural progression for me to be part of a group of people I know and respect. Its widely known myth that at some point everyone in Nottingham has worked for Boots? Its a great network of people to be associated with. I have been lucky in gaining a wide regulatory experience across several companies all within one county border.

So what does it mean for my portfolio? It looks chaotic, but to me it seems sane.

OTCExperts will continue, this is our flyer/shop window to express our particular skills in the OTC sector. We can demonstrate our knowledge and understanding through blog updates. It is supported by Jenson R+Limited to specifically target this sector.

Consult2deliver limited will continue, with me working less for it, but great clinical pharmacology/pharmacokinetic advice will be given by Graham Blakey. I will continue with some standalone projects, in particular my networking events with MedilinkEM.

EMAHSN – I will continue to be an independent board member for this innovative part of the NHS. Its a brilliant organisation which continues to develop me and my understand of the NHS.

Finally Jenson R+ Limited. This is WIP as they say. Embracing the change. Looking forward to the future.

Expect to hear more.